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The Unique Beauty of Zisha Teapots


Pumpkin Teapots


Inscribed on this teapot: imitate the type of Dongling, fill the frankincense of snow. Ming Yuan

Chen Mingyuan, or Chen Hefeng, was a Zisha artist at Yixing in the Qing Dynasty – Kangxi Emperor Period (1662-1722). He was a famous artist with pots and boutique for hundreds of years. He also created the inscription on the pots and signed with both an inscription and stamp in an elegant, Tang style. His pots were famous at home and abroad. He contributed to the development of Zisha pottery.

Zhu Ni Sunflower Petals Teapot


Zhu ni, cinnabar clay or red clay, colorful and splendid, looks wonderful. The teapot shape is neat and well-spaced. The lines are interlaced, even and orderly. From the cover to the bottom, it is very beautiful and has a neat parallelism. On the whole, the Zhu Ni Sunflower Petals Teapot is streamlined and warped, but extremely graceful.

Icy Heart Taoist Teapot


“Icy Heart Taoist” was the alternative name of Cheng Shouzhen (1858-1939), a famous zisha artist.

This teapot was created at the end of Qing Dynasty. The color on the teapot looks like the tea-flake glaze in the teapot. One side is a hole with a Taoist inside. There are many peach trees, peach blossoms and peach leaves on the pot body. There are also some moiré lines on the others side. The inscription on the bottom says “Icy Heart Taoist”.

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