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The Unique Beauty of Zisha Teapots


The Unique Efficiencies of Zisha Teapots

Yixing zisha teapots are made from purple clay found only in and near the Yixing region in China’s Jiangsu province.

Yixing zisha teapots have a unique ability to improve the flavor of tea. The porous nature of zisha clay allows the teapot to absorb the essence of tea. As the teapot becomes seasoned over time, the essence captured by the teapot will accentuate the character of subsequent brews.


Zisha clay is the only clay that has all of the following characteristics:

The zisha teapots have double pores so they can keep tea fresh for a whole night. 

Lesser clays will crystallize, crack or melt when fired at such high temperatures. Compromising by firing clay at reduced temperatures will produce teapots that emit the taste and smell of clay into the brew. 

The model could be non-glazing, and the body of teapots will be newer if you use it frequently. 

If you use it for long time, it can accumulate some deposits and make the tea more fragrant. 

The raw clay has excellent balance between flexibility and firmness, along with nominal shrinkage after drying, which allows it to be easily crafted into attractive shapes and designs.

The function of zisha teapots in the art of Chinese tea is as important today as it has been for the last 400 years.

The Moldings of Zisha Teapots

The early moldings of zisha teapots are very simple. Generally speaking, they are geometric models, such as round or square. Zisha teapots have added cultural deposits and have added to various models.

Geometric Models

Geometric modeling is the basic molding of zisha teapots, it is divided into round and square shapes, and is named “round pot” or “square pot”.

Round pots, based on the cylinder and other variations of the shape, can be divided into round, flat and straight pots, according to the shapes.

The representative of the round pot is the “ball pot”. The pot body is a ball and the cover is a hemisphere. The pot looks like a bead and people can feel the beauty of the mutual echo between the balls.

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