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The 8 Great Yanjing Sights

2014-07-16 15:33:02

( By Wu Hao


"Ji Men Yan Shu" (Chinese: 蓟门烟树): Misty Trees in Jimen (Trees Enveloped in Mist at the Ancient City of Jizhou )



This spot is reputed to be the site of the ancient city of Jizhou, also named the "Earthen Walls" (Tucheng). The remains date from the Liao and Yuan dynasties and are situated about four kilometers northwest of Deshengmen Gate. From the Ming Dynasty onwards this spot has often been extolled in poetry, and on the site itself there is a stone tablet inscribed with calligraphy from the Emperor Qianlong with the four-character phrase, which gives the place its title.


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