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Paralyzed dancer returns to stage

2014-07-09 16:31:07

(China Daily) By Sun Yuanqing


Photo Provided to China Daily

Chen Mingsheng, the photographer of the exhibition, lived with the children for about a week to take the images. Chen says that before he met Liu's students, he wasn't sure how children would work as subjects.

But the outcome of his weeklong enterprise surprised him.

"They are so easy to please, even by something small. This was also a reminder to me that I should cherish what I have," Chen says.

In addition to running the charity, Liu was also able to find the time to study dance further.

She acquired a doctoral degree in dance theory in 2013, and now teaches at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, where she herself was trained.

She swims for an hour every morning to prepare for The Red Thread's tour of France in September. The piece, which concentrates on the upper body - especially the arms and hands - poses a huge challenge both physically and aesthetically to her as a classical dancer, she says.

"At one point during the rehearsal, I almost gave up. I didn't think I could do it," Liu says. "But at the same time, you always feel compelled to challenge yourself, which is also the message of the choreography. You encounter a difficulty and you start struggling with yourself. Once you go through it and do it, there will be another you, a better you."


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