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Nature works its magic in Chongqing

2014-06-27 10:06:49

(China Daily) By Luo Wangshu/Tan Yingzi


A small village is nestled in the depth of mountains near the Tiankeng Difeng scenic spot in Fengjie county, Chongqing. He Chuan / China Daily


Asinkhole nestled in the depth of mountains in Fengjie county, Chongqing, remained unknown to the outside world until a group of British explorers from the Royal Geographical Society stumbled across it in 1994. Its fame has been spreading all over the world ever since.

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Acclaimed as a wonderland in Southwest China, it's called Tian-keng Difeng by locals—literally "the sky hole and earth cave".

Located at one of the Three Gorges, Qutang Gorge, the site is a fine example of how nature works its magic to create a fantastic landscape.

The "sky hole", one of the world's deepest of its kind, is more than 600 meters deep with vertical walls. Its opening is about 600 meters long and 500 meters wide.

China National Geography, one of the country's top travel magazines, depicts the sinkhole as a hidden paradise filled with peach blossoms in the spring, like a utopia described by Chinese ancient poet Tao Yuanming (AD 365-427).

We were fortunate to explore this paradise in the spring—the best time.

The sinkhole and its crust are located in Xiaozhai village on Qiyao Mountain. Our car departed from the town center of Fengjie county in early morning and traveled through the heavy fog.

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