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Zongzi (rice dumplings) in various countries and regions

2014-05-23 15:38:13



The rice dumplings in North Korea are called the “wheel cake”. People would boil the fresh Artemisia leaves before smashing them and then put them into the rice flour which would be kneaded into a wheel shape. It is quite delicious.

The Philippines prefer the long rice dumplings, which are regarded as a necessity for their Christmas Day.

The rice dumplings in Costarica are made with the specially-processed sticky corn flour as the main materials as well as the chicken, beef, carrot, white potato, sometimes with beef broth poured on and then wrapped with fresh banana leaves into a flat square shape.

Rice dumplings of the Yao ethnic group are made of sticky rice together with preserved ham stripes and green bean, which look like a pillow and weigh about 250g each. Some would add brown sugar and peanuts in the sticky rice to make vegetarian rice dumplings.

Rice dumplings in the She ethnic group are commonly referred to as Gujiao. People would use bamboo leaves to wrap the sticky rice into a four-angle shape and then tie them up with Dragon grass (a kind of float grass), ten in a bunch. Some rice dumplings would be stuffed with vegetables, meat and red jujube. Generally boiled in barilla water, the steamed rice dumplings look yellow in color and could be kept for half a month.

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