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Culture and sports thrive in Qingdao

2014-05-15 09:06:20

(China Daily) By Xie Chuanjiao


The dance drama from Mo Yan's novel Red Sorghum won China's highest cultural prize last year. Xu Chongde / For China Daily

Center of music, sculpture, movies and sailing hotspot

Music, sculpture, theater, movies and sports are flourishing in the coastal city of Qingdao.

Its well-preserved historic heritage also adds charm to the city's cultural and creative industry.

Following its historical traditions while embracing innovation, Qingdao is a blend of local and international as well as ancient and contemporary.

"Our goal is to develop a civilized city with diverse cultures and booming creative industries to meet the demands of our residents," said Qingdao Party Chief Li Qun.


Dubbed the "island of stringed instruments", Qingdao has strong connection to music.

It has four symphony orchestras and more than 100 choruses along with countless professional and amateur pop bands.

Each year, more than a dozen upscale concerts are held in Qingdao including those by international-claimed musicians. Pianists Noel Benkman from the United States and Christina Brandner from Germany are among the recent well-known names.

Qingdao is also the birthplace of many renowned Chinese musicians including violinists Lyu Siqing and Li Chuanyun.

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