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Impressions of Guanzhong

2014-05-06 16:30:01

(China Today) By JIA MING


With the restoration of old buildings and customs over recent years, Yuanjia Village is itself a showcase of Guanzhong culture.

Guan zhong is a region with a colorful history. It refers to the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi Province, where the cities of Baoji, Xianyang, Xi’an, Tongchuan and Weinan are located. The area highlights the time-honored civilization of the middle reaches of the Yellow River and represents the folk culture of Shaanxi Province.

Yuanjia Village of Liquan County is situated in the heart of the Guanzhong Plain. The village is surrounded by a good number of cultural attractions. One of the largest imperial mausoleums in the world, Zhaoling, the tomb of Tang Emperor Li Shimin (599-648) is located just one kilometer from it and was enlisted among the first batch of heritage sites under state protection. Also in its vicinity is Jianling, the burial ground of Emperor Li Heng (711-762), which holds the largest number of and the most intact stone engravings among the imperial mausoleums scattered across the Guanzhong Plain. With the restoration of antique buildings and old customs over recent years, Yuanjia Village is itself a showcase of the Guanzhong culture.

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Impressions of Guanzhong


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