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Beijing's Horse Year temple fairs guide

2014-01-24 17:18:26



Beijing Grand View Garden Temple Fair

Beijing Grand View Garden Temple Fair

Dates: Jan. 31-Feb.4, 2014

Venue: Beijing Grand View Garden, 12 Nancaiyuan Street, Xicheng District

Price: 40 yuan

Buses: Take 59, 819, 717, 122, 721, 806, 939 or 816 to Daguanyuan.

Features: The Grand View Garden, located in the Xicheng District, is reminiscent of a luxurious garden of Ming and Qing style. In the Chinese classic "Dream of Red Mansions", the garden is recount as the mansion of Jia Family - an official nobility of the Ming period. The garden holds the Red Mansion Temple Fair, where tourists can enjoy culture performances, fork culture performances and traditional snacks. Activities held here feature the Honglou (Red Mansion) culture style. The performances include 'The Imperial Concubine Yuan Visiting Home" and "Wedding of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyue", which have been highly acclaimed by many tourists interested in the glittering culture of ancient China. Royal cuisine and delicate snacks are also available.

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