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Tile Cat - Guarding the house from the roof

2013-10-30 10:34:12



Tile Cat

During this time, the koradji catches a red rooster, whispers some incantations related to the elimination of disasters, good luck, ghost removal and fortune-making, and then bites the cockscomb and sheds its blood on the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and entire body of the Tile Cat before putting five kinds of fruits and seeds (pine nut, melon seeds, broomcorn, Chinese date, and root) into the mouth of the Title Cat while burning a yellow sacrificial paper and whispering more incantations, and then finally killing the rooster. Later on, the Tile Cat is passed around and touched by the whole family, who stand witness during the whole process while the roof is being covered with tiles, until the Tile Cat is placed firmly and forever in the middle of the home’s ridge.

Tile Cat

From there on out, regardless of weather, the Tile Cat will guard the house on the high ridge, making the family feel at ease and grateful.

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