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Autumn choices

2013-09-11 10:30:57

(China Daily)


Snow Pear and White Fungus in Rock Sugar Soup

Pear is a good choice in autumn, its juiciness can provide vital moisture and may ease a cough. White fungus is praised for its medicinal benefits, nourishing our bodies. It has high collagen content, keeping our skin young. So this soup is very popular as it's easy to do but has miraculous functions.


White fungus 10g, pear 200g, rock sugar 20g.


1. Soak white fungus in advance for about 2-3 hours in warm or cold water.

2. Chop white fungus into small pieces and remove the hard part at its bottom.

3. Clean the pear, remove the peel and dice the pear.

4. Boil the white fungus, pear dices and rock sugar together and simmer for about 15 minutes.

5. You can also add some dates or Chinese wolfberries into the soup, about 10 minutes before you finish the whole process.

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