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2013-09-11 10:30:57

(China Daily)


Black Fungus in Sauce

Crowned as the "meat of vegetables", black fungus is both a diet food and a beauty food. It is high in iron, which can help our body nourish the blood and prevent the occurrence of anemia. It also helps to clean away waste or toxins in our body. The dish is black fungus mixed with self-made sauces, and it has a delicate taste.


Dried black fungus (20g), some caraway, garlic, ginger, hot pepper, sugar, vinegar, soy, sesame oil, chicken salt.


1. Soak dried black fungus in 40-50 C hot water for 30-40 minutes, then split them into small pieces and trim away the hard part at its bottom.

2. Put black fungus in boiling water for one minute, and then cool off in cold water.

3. Mash garlic and cut hot pepper into small pieces.

4. Add sugar, chicken salt, soy, vinegar, sesame oil into the bowl and combine.

5. Put the black fungus on a plate, add in the mixed sauces and stir to combine evenly.

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