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Chinese dietotherapy: food as medicine

2013-08-14 14:57:43

(Cultural China)


Cold food

banana - for constipation and hemorrhoids

freshwater clams - for fever and detoxifying

cucumber - for fever, sore throat and red eyes

pear - for thirst and constipation

Cool food

bitter almond - for chronic bronchitis

celery - for hypertension

duck - hypertension with dizziness

watermelon - for sore throat and to relieve summer heat

Hot food

chili - to stimulate the appetite

black and white pepper - warms up the body

clove - warms the spleen and stomach, stops vomiting

Warm food

aniseed - relieves intestinal spasm

beef - for the tendons and bones

garlic - for dysentery

coriander - for skin rashes

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