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Festival honors Qiqiao traditon in BJ (video)

2013-08-12 15:52:01




Crowds gathered to celebrate and promote protection of traditional Qiqiao costumes and festivals in Beijing on August 7.

The festive event was part of the Fifth China Qiqiao Culture Summit Forum. Qiqiao is a Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) custom from Xihe, which is celebrated for eight nights beginning on the first day of the Chinese Lunar calendar’s seventh month.

In English, Qiao refers to the “Queen of Skills,” who is also known as Zhinv. On the lavish ceremony’s opening day, the county’s women plead with the legendary Zhinv, asking for intelligence, ingenuity, a satisfying marriage and a happy life.

Sun Xuetao, secretary of the CPC’s Longnan municipal committee, said he believes that Qiqiao culture plays a significant role in improving the region’s reputation.

The opening ceremony featured Xihe women engaging in the traditional festivities, which gave audiences a clear look into the origins of this time-honored celebration.

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