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American woman displays Shanxi embroidery skills

2013-07-09 13:38:45




Several traditional arts and crafts were showcased at the Shanxi Cultural Fair. Among them was a face that attracted a lot of attention.

This is Yang Haili. Watching her impressive sewing and stitching skills you could be forgiven for thinking she had been doing this all her life. But no. Born in the states, Yang is married to a Chinese man from Shanxi province. The couple moved to China a year ago, and before long the delicate and intricate skills of local embroidery took her interest.

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Yang Haili has only been learning with her teacher for six months, but her achievements are impressive.

"I was amazed at the shiny surface which looks so real. I liked it so much that I found a teacher who lived nearby. I said to her that I thought her work was so beautiful and I wanted to learn with her. She said ’Come, I’ll teach you.’ So here I am!" Yang said.

Shanxi Embroidery is a unique craft that has a history of almost 3,000 years. Not so for Yang, who has only been learning with her teacher Guo Meiling for six months. Yang does have a background in art and she is a quick learner, but nevertheless her achievements are impressive. She says that she hopes to introduce the craft to the U.S. and ensure she passes her skills on.

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