New Silk Road artists’ tour reaches Moscow

Updated: 2015-06-02 11:18

Li Zhi,vice director of the Moscow Chinese Cultural Center delivers a keynote speech. [Photo/]

As part of the "New Silk Road Tour for Global Cultural Communication" series, an event called "New Road, New Scenery: Silk Road Tour for Artists" was promoted at the Moscow Chinese Cultural Center on May 26.

Li Zhi, vice director of the cultural center, said at the event that the tour was a pioneering one following the "One Road One Belt" initiative. It was a new way for artists to share ideas with one another.

Chinese artists introduced the event to the Russian people and answered questions before displaying more than 40 paintings.

Chinese artists Zhang Miquan and Liu Xinggui also presented their calligraphy works.

Initiated by the Beijing Guozhong Art Gallery, the four-month tour, starting from Beijing, will travel the Silk Road route via 22 countries including Russia, Germany, Denmark and Poland.

The tour is split into five units: "70th Anniversary of Victory of Anti-fascist War" in Moscow, "Sino-Russia Cultural Bond in Saint Petersburg", "Face up to the Ocean" in Holland, "Dialogue on Sino-French Cultural Exchanges" in France and "Work together for a Better Future" in Berlin.

Artists from different countries will not just exchange ideas on arts and culture but also promote their traditional culture to others during the journey.

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