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Concert brings Chinese poems to New York

Updated: 2023-01-09 11:39:46

( CICA )

After the performance in Philadelphia on Jan 6, concert "Echoes of Ancient Tang Poem" met New York people on Jan 7.

Csaba Kőrösi, Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly; Zhang Jun, Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador, Huang Ping,Chinese consul-general in New Yorkattended the event along with permanent representatives of more than 10 countries and local people from all walks of life.

In his speech at the "Suzhou Theme Day" event before the performance, Kőrösi said the event continued the tradition of academic and cultural exchanges between China and the US, and reflected the significance of building communication between different cultural groups. He proposed to take practical steps in the right direction to bring peoples of the world closer together.

Zhang said the concert interprets the masterpieces of Tang poetry in a brand-new way, and he looks forward to more Chinese cultural masterpieces going abroad.

Huang said cultural exchanges between China and the US are very important.

" I hope the concert bringing good wishes of "Happy Chinese New Year" to the local audience, and also bring the friendship of the Chinese people to Americans."



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