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Oriental Express

Updated: 2016-07-22 17:20:00

( CICA )


Oriental Express is designed for promising young musicians, music groups and original productions. The goal of the project is to bring the best musical artists in China to the world stage and increase their global visibility through marketing, promotion and public relations.

Starting in October 2004, the program has delivered impressive results. Many Chinese musicians and art groups have been introduced into foreign markets, including violinists Li Chuanyun and Ning Feng, pianist Sun Yingdi, conductor Li Xincao, composers Gao Weijie and Qin Wenchen, guqin performer Huang Mei and traditional Chinese music band Qingmei Jingyue. Their presence has sparked enormous interest among foreign audiences.

In addition, as the project gains worldwide recognition, CICA has assigned the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra to perform at the Auckland International Art Festival and art events in Latvia since 2011. The Shanghai Theatre Academy has traveled to the International Youth Music Festival in Iguazu, Argentina, to perform.



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