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Acrobatic Troupe of Qinghai Province


Acrobatic Troupe of Qinghai Province

The Acrobatic Troupe of Qinghai Province was set up in November 1981. The acrobatic troupe has created many programs and won many prizes at competitions and arts expositions in China. For example, Cui Yajuan won a silver medal at the 2nd National New Sprouts Cup Acrobatic Competition for her playing the act Balancing Lamps with Lithe Movement, the act Carrying Poles played by Wu Yonghong, Qin Jun, Meng Zongchen and Li Fumei won a Bronze Lion Prize at the 4th National Acrobatic Competition, Jar Juggling played by Xu Shanfeng won a special prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture, the acts Gymnastics on Bamboo Poles, Martial Arts and Trapeze won many prizes too. The Acrobatic Troupe was honored as National Advanced Collective by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Personnel in 1995.

The Troupe has visited more than 20 countries in the Middle East, Central and West Africa and Southeast Asia. Wherever they went they were warmly praised and welcomed. It performed in Hong Kong for the first time on commercial terms in 1995; local media gave it high comments. It toured Japan in 1997 to showcase Chinese Acrobatics to Japanese audiences.

Address: No.29, Wusidajie, Xining, Qinghai Province

Post code: 810001

Tel: (0971) 6144544

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