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Pingxian Experimental Troupe of Qinghai Province


Pingxian Experimental Troupe of Qinghai Province

The Pingxian Experimental Troupe of Qinghai Province was set up in March 1961. In nearly 40 years, the Troupe developed the Pingxian, an art form good at narrating stories and expressing emotion in its sweet voice and sentimental singing, into a local opera of Qinghai, which has a unique characteristic with all singing, reciting, acting and acrobatic fighting in the performance. The Troupe created, transplanted and performed such programs as In a Leopard Cat Exchange for the Prince and other outstanding programs loved by the audience. The Moon of Mid-Autumn won the performance prize and a 3rd prize of ballad singing, music and directing at 1991 Performing Art Festival of Qinghai Province; The Clever Magistrate won the program prize, music design prize and acting prize at The Number One Group in the World Outstanding Program Performance in 1991; Red Shell Egg won acting prize at the National Mini-drama and Episodes Competition Performance in 1991; Monk Gadan won the program prize, choreography prize and performance prize at the National Local Operas Experience Exchanging Performance in 1993; Yearnings won a prize for being selected into the Mini-drama and Episodes Competition of Cao Yu Award of Dramatic Literature in 1998. The Theater's Pingxian dramatic music won the supreme pioneer prize at the China dramatic music 'Biography of Kongsan' Wuhai Golden Plate Award Activities in August 1994, its composer Zhou Juangu won the personal pioneer prize and Chen Qiming won nomination prize.

The principal artists of the Troupe are: Zhang Yuefang, Li Yian, Zheng Guilan, Liao Tailai.


Address: No.13, Weihang, Xining, Qinghai Province

Post code: 810001

Tel: (0971) 6143231

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