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Guiyang Municipal Peking Opera Troupe


The Guiyang Municipal Peking Opera Troupe was founded in April 1959 after a merger between the Peking Opera Troupe of the Guizhou Military Region and the Guiyang Qianguang Peking Opera Society.

Learning from other troupes, the group has shaped its own unique style in terms of choreography, directing and acting, and has become an influential Peking Opera troupe in Southwest China.

Its leading actors and actresses include Hou Danmei, Cao Jianwen and Zhang Xiaohon, to name a few. Young actress Hou Danmei was one of the Top 10 Actors of the 1987 China National Youth Peking Opera TV Show Competition and a 1993 winner of the 10th National Opera Plum Blossom Award. The troupe's representative works include "Romance of the Iron Bow," "Pavilion Overlooking the River," "Hong Niang," "Meeting of the Heroes" and "18 Arhats Fight the Monkey King."

The programme "Moonlight and Breeze" was honored with a new Opera Award at the 1998 Tianjin National New Opera Gala Performance, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, where Fan Zhongyan won eight awards in screenplay, directing, choreography, best leading actor and actress, supporting actor and actress and best opera voice during the 4th National Local Opera Festival. In 1999, the troupe toured Beijing to take part in the 50th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

The troupe once brought five of its classics - "Farewell, My Concubine," "Stir the Dragon Palace," "Crossroad," "Goddess Strewing Flowers from Heaven" and "Presenting Pearl at Hongqiao Bridge" - to the multinational cultural festival in Athens, Greece. The troupe stunned audiences with its exquisite and artistic demeanor in the first performance during the opening ceremonies.

Address: No 3, Zhonghua Beilu, Guiyang, Guizhou Province
Postal code: 550001
Tel: (0851) 6825329
Fax: (0851) 6825329

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