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Acrobatic Troupe of Heilongjiang Province



The Acrobatic Troupe of Heilongjiang Province, formerly the Harbin Acrobatic Troupe, was founded in 1970. In its long-tem artistic practice, the acrobatic Troupe has created a lot of excellent programs with local characteristics. Such acrobatic and magic performance include "Kicking the Benches", "Going through Loops", "Gymnastics in the Air, Swinging the Loops, Handstand, "Wrestling Between Two", "Soft Gymnastics", "Stunts in the Air", "Holding A Pole", "Kicking Bowls on a Bike", Plate-spinning", "Flying Butterflies", "Rotating in the Air Like Snow Flakes", "Buds in the Air" and "Hovering Cranes".

The Troupe has scooped a lot of prizes in both domestic and international acrobatic contests with its breath-taking, creative, carefully designed programs. "Kicking the Benches won the sixth Internationa1Tomorrow Acrobatic gold prize. "Going through the Loops" won the gold Lion Award of the First Wuqiao International Acrobatic Festival and silver lion awards in the 2nd and 3rd National Acrobatic Competitions. "Stunts in the Air" won the gold Award of the Fourth National Acrobatic Contest. "Gymnastics in the Air" won a gold Award of the Second National New Seeding Cup Acrobatic Contest and the Bronze Award of the Second Wuhan International Acrobatic Festival. "Flying Butterfly" won a Gold Lion Award of the Fourth National Children's Acrobatic Competition. "Flying Skills won a Bronze Award of the third National Acrobatic Competition. "Rotating in the Air like Snow Flakes and "Buds in the Air" won a Silver Lion Awards of the Fourth National Children's Acrobatic Contest. Swinging the Loops" and "Gymnastics in the Air" won a Bronze Prize of the Second National Acrobatic Competition. "Hovering Cranes" gained a Bronze Lion Award of the Fourth National Children's Acrobatic Competition.

With its outstanding programs, the Troupe has toured many countries and regions including Japan, the DPR Korea, Oman, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Argentina, the United States, Canada, Myanmar, Austria, RO Korea, Mexico, Russia and Hong Kong region and has been warmly received.

The Troupe boasts many outstanding artists such as Wang Hong, Liu Xiaoyun and Xu Libo.


Address: No.133, Kangning Road, Nangang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

Post code: 150080

Tel: (0451) 86324974

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