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China Film Philharmonic


China Film Philharmonic
The orchestra was founded in April 1949. Since then, it has recorded music for about 2000 films, TV-programs, documentary films and films on a special topic such as Shanggan Ridge, Tunnel Warfare, Sparkling Red Star, Diving Girls, Silk Road, The Passenger Handcuffed, Shao Lin Temple, Dream of the Red Mansion, Triumphant Return at Midnight, The Gate of China, The Sword of China, The Shield of China, "The Rising Sun and a Clap of Thunder, Zhou Enlai's Diplomatic Miracles, PRC President Liu Shaoqi and China in 1949. Over the years, the Orchestra frequently has given concerts of film, symphony, of national music and light music. The artists of the Orchestra have visited more than 40 countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions. They cooperated with renowned conductors, composers, performers and dancers to perform symphony, famous opera, and ballet successfully, thus promoting the development of national music and international exchange of culture.

In the five decades, so many artists emerged such as conductors Feng Guangtao, Yao Guorong, composers Wang Liping, Zhang Dianying, Yan Fei, Li Haihui, Jin Zhengping, Ai Liqun, Guo Xiaodi; performer Liu Mingyuan (Chinese violin), Xia rengen, Wang Fandi, Pan E'qing (pipa), Hu Haiquan (Suona horn); Shen Liliang (two-stringed fiddle); Zhu Renfu (bamboo flute), Li Xiaogang (Chinese dulcimer), Fan Shange (25-stringed fiddle); Zhu Guang, Lu Shengxin, Wu Zhengming (violin), Chen Zhining (flute), Gou Xiang (Bassoon), Cao Jianguo (wind piper); Singer Wang Jieshi, Xie Lisi, Guan Guimin and Wu Zenghua.

Address: No. 26, Northern Wenhuiyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Post code: 100088

Tel: (010) 62250813

Fax: (010) 62259396

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