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Site of Qudougong Dehua Kiln


Dehua Kiln is located in Dehua County of Fujian Province.

Dehua Kiln was the porcelain capital of Fujian and also an important porcelain-producing area in Chinese history. Dehua pottery was sold to 77 countries and regions around the world during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). 

In 1976, a pottery kiln from the Song-Yuan period (960-1368) was discovered on a mountain in Baomei Village of Dehua County. The kiln site is 57 meters long and has 17 rooms. Over 6,700 pieces of pottery and tools were unearthed at the site. The items, including standing cups, puff boxes, vases and bowls, retain the typical features of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and play an important role in the historical study of Dehua Kiln, as well as the social economy and culture of the Yuan Dynasty.

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