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Machangyuan Site


Machangyuan Site is located in Minhe County of Qinghai Province.

Machangyuan Site, lying in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, comprises the ruins of the Majiayao Culture of the late Neolithic Age. First discovered in the autumn of 1924, the site dates back to 2200-2000BC, according to archaeological studies.

Two tombs were unearthed during the 1924 excavation, including four pieces of colored pottery. One of the items, decorated with four big ring-shaped patterns, is an earthen jar with a small mouth, wide shoulders and two ears. Two others are double-eared pots adorned with vertical and horizontal lines. The remaining piece a bowl decorated with colored patterns in the shape of lightening bolts inside. The discovered tombs had been severely damaged.

Such wares were usually made of coarse pottery and have simple decorations, such as red and black stripes or red stripes with black edges -- most of them homochromous. Apart from striped patterns, decorations also include spiral or diamond patterns.

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