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 Multi-media Groups

Since China entered the WTO, the trend within China's media industry has been to form inter-media and trans-regional media operated on multiple patterns so as to meet competition and challenges from powerful overseas media groups. In 2001, the government put forward a goal of establishing trans-regional multi-media news groups. It also instituted detailed regulations on fund raising, foreign-funded cooperation and trans-media expansion. The China Radio, Film and Television Group, founded in 2001, integrated the resources of central level radio, television and film organizations plus those of the many radio, television and Internet companies, to become China's biggest and strongest multi-media group, covering television, Internet, publishing, advertising, etc.

China's media are cooperating with overseas media groups. Since 2003, 30 overseas television stations, including Phoenix Satellite TV, Bloomberg Finance, Star TV, Euro Sports News and China Entertainment TV have landed, with conditions, on China's mainland. At the same time, CCTV's English language channel has reached US audiences via the News Group's Fox News Network.

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