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Shaoju Opera


Shaoju Opera, also known asShaoxingLuantan or Shaoxing Daban, mainly prevails in Shaoxing,NingboandHangzhoucities ofZhejiang Provinceas well asShanghaiMunicipality in East China. The art form was known asShaoxing Opera(albeit only in 1953), for it originated in Shaoxing and is most popular in the region.

There are many classic repertoires of the art form like theFight Between theTigerandDragon. In the latter development, stories taken from the classic Chinese novelPilgrims to the Westabounded.

The famous actor, Six-year-old Child (originally named Zhang Zongyi) portrayed a clever, brave and righteous artistic figure of Sun Wukong (the monkey in the novel) with a unique style.

Seven-year-old Child (originally named Zhang Zongxin), with a humorous, free and easy style, portrayed a lovely, funny, clumsy, and kind yet annoying figure of Zhu Bajie (the pig in the novel).

The audience passionately applauded both actors, and the programThree Battles with the White Bone Demon, in which the two artists starred, once won acclaims from Chairman Mao Zedong and the famous litterateur Guo Moruo.

The influential traditional operas includeFight between Dragon and Tiger, Hou Zhusha,Dragon and PhoenixLock, Reed Catkins, Royalties Painting; the representative new historical plays areYu QianandBeheading Wei Zheng; and the best-known modern play isBloods and Tears.Three Battles with the White Bone Demonhas been shot into a film.

The famous performers of the art form include Liang Younong, Wu Changshun, Lu Changsheng, Xiao Linglong, Lin Fangjin, Wang Xiaokui, Zhang Zongyi, Zhang Zongxin, Xiao Shunchang, Chen Hegao, Zhang Yanqiu, Wang Zhenfang (Thirteen-year-old Child), Qian Huiyun and Xiao Yanqiu as well as other famous performers.

(Author: Jeff)

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