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Famous Combat Peking Opera: Crossroads


The Peking OperaCrossroads, a famous repertoire of combat dramas, is a snippet ofThe Yang's Saga. Although not accompanied with any singing, dialogues and recitation, the combat performances in the drama expressed the content quite well, which revealed the amazing techniques ofWuchourole.

Wuchou,one of the roles on Chinese opera stage, requires not only a good command of the martial arts or acrobatics, but also the ability to deliver the lines both clearly and fluently. The movement should be light but powerful.

Crossroads, now quite popular among foreign audiences, goes as: the main actor Jiao Zan was exiled to Shamen Island for killing the son-in-law of a corrupt dignitary. Yang Yanzhao, of the famous upright Yang Family, ordered Warrior Ren Tanghui to tail after and protect Jiao. When Jiao came to rest in a restaurant in the Crossroads, the owner of the restaurant mistakenly took Ren as the one sent to assassinate Jiao. So, to protect Jiao, the two fought fiercely at night.

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