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Hong Xiannu


Hong Xiannu(1927- ) is a renownedYuejuactress, who mainly plays theDanrole. She absorbed the vocal techniques from other traditional opera forms as well as the western ones, and led a reform of vocal music which later laid the basis for her own musical style: the female aria.

A demonstration of the reform of vocal music is the modern reorganization of timbre and rhythm. TheYueju(Guangdong Opera)Guan Hanqingdemonstrates a breakthrough; other representatives are theYuju(Henan Opera)Chaoyang Valley, and theLuju(Shandong Opera)Remarriage of Aunt Li.

In the operaGuan Hanqing, Ma Shizeng (1900-1964) and Hong Xiannü(1927- ), playing Guan Hanqing and Zhu Lianxiu respectively, were the leading actors.










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