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Queen of Pingju: Bai Yushuang


Bai Yushuang (1907-1943), the renowned Queen ofPingju, learned playing drums when she was young. But later she shifted toPingju, and became famous for her superb performance and sweet bourdon. The Bai School ofPingjuwas named after Bai Yushuang.

Pingjuis a type of opera originated in what is known asLian Hua Laoin northernChinaand the local folk dance calledBeng Beng Xi. It can be easily understood.

Lian Hua Lao(popular songs sung to the accompaniment of castanets), which had long been popular inHebeiProvinceand northeastChina, developed intoPingju.Pingjutroupes often put on shows in the theaters inTangshan,Tianjinand other cities. This form of entertainment owes much to the efforts of Bai Yushuang.

The representative works of Bai Yushuang includePan JinlianandPeachblossomTemple.

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