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Master of Peking Opera: Wang Yaoqing


Wang Yaoqing, the famous performer and educationist of Peking Opera, has cultivated a lot of well-known disciples.

Born in a Pear Orchard Family,Wang Yaoqing began to learn opera at the age of six and gained his reputation at sixteen. Bold and creative, he broke away from the traditional rules of Peking Opera.

Wang Yaoqing taught his disciples according to their own characters and the nature of their respective courses. He even broke away from the old tradition and taught female disciples. The four eminent schools ofDanroles have all once learnt from him.

Wang Yaoqing was a teacher in the Opera Specialized School of China in the early 1930s. After the liberation, he took up the job as president of theChinaDramaSchool, and trained hundreds of opera performers.

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