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Jue Se and Jiao Se


In Chinese opera,Jue SeandJiao Sehave quite different meanings.

Jue Serefers to which figure in the play the actor represents.Jiao Se, orHangdan,is basically classified asSheng, Dan,Jing,MoandChou.

According to the age and social status of the characters,Shengfalls into three sub-groups:Laosheng, XiaoshengandWusheng;theDanroles are subdivided intoZhengdan(orQingyi), Huadan, Wudan, Laodan, Caidan, Daomadan, and Guimendan;theJingroles, Dahualian, Erhualian, Wuer HualianandYouhualian;theChouroles, WenchouandWuchou.

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