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Chen Zhong -- Filming the Margin of Society


When the story ends, the poet is still addicted to the sounds to satisfy his sexual fantasy. The male prostitute renews his unhealthy relationship with a rich married woman. Worst of all, despairing of men and true love, the girl sets out on a path of degeneration, as a way of punishing the men and herself.

"It is a very decadent, depressed and dejected story", Chen admitted. When asked why his movie was so gloomy, he replied with a wry smile, "It's just like the weather of Chengdu - dull and cloudy. That's why I love the city." Then he added, sadly, "It's simply because I am a pessimist. Life is harsh and it comes to nothing." Although he repeatedly claimed to be pessimistic, he could also be described as open-minded, energetic, cheerful, talkative and social. Perhaps he is good at disguising his true self with sophisticated sentiment.

There are no professional actors in the film. In this regard, Chen benefited from his years of work experience at a local TV station (Channel 33) before he went to the U.S. No doubt knowing so many people from the media has made it easier for him to produce his film. He explained: "Making a movie about sounds was my initial intention because I amparticularly in favor of sounds. Movies are not only for seeing, but also for listening to. Actually the space of what you hear is much more than what you see. That's why I made them a kind of spiritual symbol from the very beginning of my movie. Furthermore, I am fond of literature, especially poems, so I also try to reveal the beauty of literature." Chen was president of the literary society atTsinghua Universitywhen he was a student there.

However, westerners seem to be inclined to choose Chinese art based on their own view of our culture - that's why pop art is in vogue in the west. Hunting for novelty, being extremely oriental, or reflecting the particular political backgrounds are important to them. Is Chen also trying to cater to these tastes?

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