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Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial


Founded in July 1950 in Yan'an City of Shaanxi Province, the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial is one of the earliest revolutionary memorials in China. It was built in July 1950 and was previously called the Yan'an Revolutionary Museum. It opened to the public in February 1951.

The memorial boasts a collection of 35,000 pieces of cultural relics, 5,500 historical photos and 12,000 volumes of books. Among all, more than 1,700 items belong to Class One and Class Two collections. The exhibits include genuine footballs, sewing machines, old uniforms, weaponry, historical literature, graphs, photos, Marxist books by Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky translated into Chinese and hundreds of communist weapons. Especially noteworthy is a white horse (it has been made into a specimen) that is said to have carried Mao Zedong.

The exhibition halls occupy 3,200 square meters, displaying 1,300 revolutionary cultural relics, more than 200 photos, as well as auxiliary exhibits like graphs, paintings, sculptures and models. All the exhibits introduce the founding of Northern Shaaxi Revolutionary Bases and the 13 years of revolutionary activities of the Communist Party of China. The memorial has launched the Exhibition of Yan'an Revolutionary Cultural Relics and the Exhibition of Yan'an Spirit, and has staged roadshows in other places.

Publications of the memorial includeStories of Mao Zedong,Yan'an -- Sacred Place of the Revolution, andProduction Movement in Yan'an, etc.

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