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Lin Zexu Memorial in Humen


The Lin Zexu Memorial in Humen is a memorial of historical figures built in memory of national hero Lin Zexu (1785-1850). It is situated in the site of the Pools for Destroying Opium in Humen Town of Guangdong Province, which is a key cultural relics site under the state protection.

From June 3 to 25, 1939, Lin Zexu, an imperial envoy, gathered and destroyed more than 2 millionjin(1 million kilograms) of opium taken over from English and American opium smugglers on sea beach of Humen. The Opium-Destroying in Humen fully demonstrated the Chinese people's resolution of banning opium smuggling and strong will of resisting foreign aggression. In order to memorize the Opium-Destroying in Humen and Lin Zexu, the People's Government built the Lin Zexu Memorial in 1957 in the Lin Zexu Park at the site of the Pools for Destroying Opium. The memorial covers about 40,000 square meters.

The memorial houses three basic displays: Situation Before the Opium War, Opium Smuggling, and Lin Zexu & Opium Destroying in Guangdong, with an abundant collection of real objects of the event, including wood pegs of the pools, several pieces of boards, opium smoking sets and manuscripts of Lin Zexu, etc.

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