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Where are we going, Dad? Hit the big screen!

2013-12-12 15:26:37

(CRI Online)


A photo shows scenes from a popular reality show "Where are we going, dad".[Photo/]

One of this year's hottest Chinese reality shows is moving from the small screen to the big one.

A film sharing the same name as the show "Where Are We Going? Dad" is being filmed in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, according to

The original show features five celebrity fathers taking their young children out to explore the real world in front of cameras.

The film stars the same cast: singer-actor Jimmy Lin and his son Kimi; actor Guo Tao and his son Stone; former Olympic diving champion Tian Liang and his daughter Cindy; supermodel Zhang Liang and his son Tiantian; and director Wang Yuelun and his daughter Angela.

In the film, the five duos spend five days in Guangzhou's Chimelong Safari Park, encountering adventure, while learning about love for animals and nature along the way.

Reports say the film will hit screens on January 31 of next year.

The original reality show is produced by Hunan Satellite TV, which took inspiration from a similar show in South Korea.

With 12 episodes, the first season debuted on October 11 and has been enjoying record-breaking television ratings.

Reports say producers are seeking celebrities to star in the second season, as the finale for the first season is slated to air on December 27.

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