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TCM services to cover most rural and urban neighborhoods

2013-01-09 09:47:39



A doctor applies acupuncture treatment to a patient in Zouping, Shandong province in this July 19, 2011 file photo.[Source: China Daily]

According to Vice Health Minister Wang Guoqiang, who is also head of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, by 2015 TCM services will be available at 95 percent or more of urban neighborhood health centers, at no less than 90 percent of township hospitals and at 60-plus percent of village clinics.

At present such services are provided at 75.6 percent of urban neighborhood health centers, 66.5 percent of township hospitals and 57.5 percent of village clinics.

Mr. Wang implied that this coverage is insufficient and that service quality at the grassroots level must be improved. In its millennia of application TCM has proved to be effective in addressing many common diseases, chronic conditions and old age-related ailments, and is highly regarded in disease prevention, regimen and rehabilitation.

Source: China Today