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Culture week offers Poles a true taste of Tibet


Offical: Poland-China Tibetan culture week to promote cooperation

The 2012 Poland-China Tibetan Culture Week would play a key role in promoting mutual understanding, deepening friendship and enhancing cooperation between the Chinese and Polish peoples, Tibet Autonomous Region Vice President Duotuo said here Tuesday.

Duotuo made the remarks while visiting Polish television station TVP S.A. a day after the culture week opened in the Palace of Culture and Science in downtown Warsaw.

Noting that the TVP S.A. is currently the largest and the most influential television station in central and eastern Europe, Duotuo said he hoped the two sides could use the culture week as an opportunity to introduce to people in the region the changes and development that had taken place in Tibet over the past few decades.

Boguslaw Piwowar, vice chairman of the board of the TVP S.A., said the television station was looking forward to furthering cooperation with their Chinese counterparts, adding the Tibetan folk song and dance performance staged on Monday was a huge success.

The culture week, the first of its kind ever held in Poland, was co-sponsored by China's State Council Information Office, the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, the Chinese embassy in Poland and the Dom Polski association.

The event also features an exhibition of more than 200 photos taken by Chinese and foreign photographers and 46 Tibetan Thangka paintings in addition to a series of seminars and discussions between Tibetologists and the locals.

Souce: Xinhua

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