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Creativity of young artists to highlight Taipei Fringe Festival


The Taipei Fringe Festival, an annual event free for young artists to showcase creativity, will see around 500 performances by 120 groups on Sept. 1-16, organizers announced Sunday.

Diverse shows ranging from theater, stand-up comedy, dance and music to a cappella, shadow show and acrobatics will be presented at some 30 venues, including cafes, galleries, theaters, hostels and bars, around the city.

According to Besty Lan, associate curator of the festival, the event aims to encourage experimental works by young artists and unlike some fringe festivals elsewhere in the world for which performers need to pay registration fees or get invitation, the Taipei event is free to all comers.

Now in its fifth year, the event has seen a growing number of performers and performances over the years. And this year it will also see a few groups from outside Taiwan take to the stage, including from Macao and Hong Kong.

Editor: Shi Liwei