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Beijing volunteer group’s first show in Xinjiang


As part of the national cultural volunteers’ work in border areas, known collectively as the Spring Rain Project, the welcoming ceremony for the Beijing volunteer group was held in Xinjiang People’s Theater in Urumqi City on the evening of August 31st. The Beijing volunteer group put its first performance in Xinjiang after the welcoming ceremony. Related leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Beijing Culture Bureau and Culture Department of Xinjiang Autonomous Region attended the activity and delivered speeches. After the ceremony, leaders and local people together watched the performance put on by the Beijing volunteer group.

A leader of the Ministry of Culture speaks at the welcoming ceremony.

Dancers perform "Xiudeng Dance" at the first performance in Xinjiang after the welcoming ceremony.

At the welcoming ceremony, Ms. Wang Shu, deputy director of the Beijing Culture Bureau, addressed the audience on behalf of the 5059 Beijing cultural volunteers. She said, “This is the first time for a Beijing cultural to perform in any place other than Beijing. They hope to bring excellent cultural resources to Xinjiang. The Beijing volunteer group will carry forward a spirit of contribution, friendship and cooperation, and have more cultural communications with Xinjiang local cultural workers.”

Wang Junru, a actor of the China Acrobatic Troupe, performs “Stand upside down on one hand”.

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