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Children's painting exhibition on Shanghai Expo opens in Bangladesh


A children's painting exhibition titled "Hello, Shanghai Expo" opened in Bangladesh's capital city Dhaka Tuesday.

Joint organized by Shanto-Mariam Foundation of Bangladesh and CRI-SMF Confucius classroom, the exhibition attracted nearly 200 children, said Yang Weiming, director of CRI-SMF Confucius classroom.

She said, "The 2010 World Expo is holding in Shanghai, we expect the Bangladeshi people, especially the Bangladeshi children can pay attention to it through this exhibition. On the other hand, we hope more and more Bangladeshi children could know China and Chinese culture better through the World Expo."

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Zhang Xianyi cut the ribbon of the exhibition together with Secretary of Bangladeshi Cultural Affairs Ministry Hedayetullah Al-Mamoon.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Zhang Xianyi said the Shanghai World Expo not only belongs to China, but also belongs to the world especially the children.

The Ambassador said "I saw so many Bangladeshi children describing their own Shanghai World Expo and their ideal cities through their paintings. Their imagination and creativity deeply impressed me."

He said, the exhibition gave the Bangladeshi children the opportunity to know the Shanghai World Expo, know the theme " Better city, Better life", "I hope the Bangladeshi children will have the chance to go to Shanghai and see the World Expo," he added.

Shamsul Haq, Vice-Chancellor of Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology and Member, Board of Directors of CRI-SMF Confucius classroom, said "I hope and believe that this small program will open a window to see and know more about China and rest of the world."

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador, the Secretary Hedayetullah Al-Mamoon and other guests gave the prize and gift to the award winner of the exhibition.

As one part of Confucius Institute, the CRI-SMF Confucius classroom was established on February 14, 2009, jointly by China Radio International and Shanto-Mariam Foundation of Bangladesh which is a non-political and non-profit organization dedicated to offering creative and job-oriented education.

Source: Xinhua

Editor: Xu Xinlei