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Legend of Kung Fu hits White House Theatre


The road from the airport to the city of Branson in the US mid-west is lined with posters advertising the Legend of Kung Fu. The show opened July 1 in the city's White House Theatre.

The Legend of Kung Fu tells the story of a young boy who learns kung fu skills from a Buddhist monk, is banished from the monastery after hankering for a secular life, but eventually returns to take over the position of his former Master.

The story is about seeking inner harmony, but there is nothing contemplative about the action-packed show.

The Legend of Kung Fu has wowed audiences worldwide with traditional Chinese kung fu skills, thrilling acrobatic feats, aerial ballet and amazing music and dance. It is currently the longest-running production in China – having been seen by more than 2 million people at the Red Theatre in Beijing.

The third largest performing arts center in America, Branson is home to about 50 theaters, with 11,000 more seats than Broadway.

 The cutting ribbon ceremony of the Legend of Kung Fu.

The organizers of the show, China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd., bought the White House Theatre in Branson last December.

The Legend of Kung Fu is likely to feature for a long time in the mid-western resort city. Meanwhile the show will continue its record-breaking run in Beijing and the organizers also have plans to stage it in Austria.

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