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Mainland, Taiwan agree on joint exhibition of masterpiece by Yuan dynasty painter Huang Gongwang


The Chinese mainland and Taiwan will jointly exhibit the two parts of an ancient painting, Taipei Palace Museum director Chou Kung-shin and Lu Zushan, governor of Zhejiang Province, said Wednesday.

The joint show is expected to open on the island first in July 2011, Chou said after meeting with Lu, who is in Taiwan for a one-week visit that ends June 16.

The masterpiece "Dwelling in the Fu Chun Mountains" was painted by Huang Gongwang (1269-1354) in the Yuan dynasty.

The work was partially destroyed in a 17th century fire. The smaller part of it, about 1.7 feet long, is stored in a Zhejiang museum on the Chinese mainland, while the larger part, about 21 feet long, is kept in the Taipei-based Palace Museum.

Lu said the joint show is the common expectation of people from both sides.

Lu added it is more difficult for the piece in Taipei to be sent to the mainland because of its large size.

"In order to let people enjoy the intact painting as soon as possible and promote cultural exchange between Zhejiang and Taiwan, we will first send our piece to the island," said Lu, expressing hope the Taipei side will make efforts to enable a show for mainland audiences, too.

Chou said the joint exhibition of the painting is long overdue and that he is very happy for Zhejiang's decision.

After Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao expressed hope the two parts could be put together on March 14, Taiwan people have shown increased interest in the painting.

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