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Paper-cutting art piece by Chinese President displayed in Macao


The Second World Heritage Travel Expo opened in Macao Thursday, in which the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage pavilion features a famous paper-cutting piece by President Hu Jintao.

With the themes of "conservation, development, promotion and communication", the Expo this year pays more attention to intangible cultural heritage, which refers to cultural products and practices that result from cultural group and communities unique to a particular place, Li Zhizhong, director of Organizing Committee of the World Travel Expo, said in the official welcome message.

The paper-cutting piece by President Hu Jintao represents a woman returning to her mother's home. The piece was made by the president on the eve of 2007's Spring Festival during Hu's visit to a village in northwestern Gansu Province. It has since been displayed in various exhibits around the nation, but it is the first time for it to be displayed in Macao.

Organizers said intangible cultural tourism from Macao will also be on display, including "wood engravings of deity statues" and the "drunken dragon dance".

The three-day Expo has attracted over 80 exhibitors, almost doubling the number last year, and is expected to attract 30,000 people, Alan Ho Hoi Ming, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of World Heritage Travel Expo said.

Editor: Feng Hui



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