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Shaolin Temple Abbot publishes Kung-fu Magazines


Shi Yongxin, abbot of the famous Shaolin Temple, the holy place for Kung-fu fans worldwide, has published a 31-volume collection of Kong-fu magazines printed between 1910s and 1940s.

The book, published by Cathay Bookshop Publishing House, showcases 43 Kung-fu magazines printed during the era of the Republic of China (1911-1949).

About 50 such magazines were published by local Kung-fu groups during that period, reflecting the widespread popularity of martial arts as "Guo Shu" (national art).

"Research on the development of martial arts during this period is lacking because of inadequate source material," said Shi. He said that was why he had spent two years collecting and excerpting articles from the magazines.

"It's important to show the heritage of Chinese traditional sports to the world ahead of the Olympic Games," he said.

Experts said the book would be very useful to researchers and Kung-fu enthusiasts within China and overseas.

Founded about 1,500 years ago in central Henan Province, Shaolin Temple is famed for combining martial arts with Zen Buddhism. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the temple in 2006 and Jacques Rogger, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), went there in August last year.

An estimated 3 million foreigners have been studying Shaolin Kung-fu in some 50 countries and territories.

Chinese Kung-fu will be showcased at the Olympics this year.

Editor; Wang Nan





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