Jokhang Temple


Mampang Yumco Lake

Mampang Yumco Lake is located about 20 kilometers southeast of Kangrinboqe, the main peak of the Kangdese Mountains, at an elevation of 4,588 meters.


Namtso Lake

TheNamtso Lakeis held as "theheavenly lake" or "the holy lake" in northern Tibet. Lying at the foot of Nyainqentanglha Mountain, it covers an area of 1,940 square kilometers at an elevation of 4,718 meters.


Yamzhog Yumco Lake

Within the boundary of Nankartse County, Yamzhog Yumco covers an area of 678-square kilometers, at 4,441 meters above sea level. It is one of three holy lakes, the others being Namtso and Mampang Yumco.



Qomolangma, meaning "the third Goddess of mountain" in Tibetan, is the highest mountain on earth with an altitude of 8,844.43 meters. It is called the "third," because there are four other peaks standing around it and it is the third in the line.


Yarlung River Scenic Area

Yarlung River Scenic Area, located in the south of Tibet Shanan Prefecture with an area of 920 square kilometers, is so far the only national key scenic area in Tibet.

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