Four Treasures of Tibetan Food

Ghee, tea, tsamba, and beef and mutton are known as four treasures of Tibetan food, besides Barley wine and various milk products.


Drinking Buttered Tea

Tibetans have been drinking buttered tea for more than 1,000 years, and have been practicing and perfecting special buttered tea making and drinking rituals over the same period.


Culture of Wooden Bowls

In common Tibetan families, there are always two wooden bowls, a big one and a small one, the former for the father and the latter for the mother.


Tibetan Tea Culture

In Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, tea serves many purposes. It is a symbol of hospitality, a sacred offering, and a meal in itself.


Tibetan Houses

Depending on the availability of the materials, Tibetan houses are built with more wood, for those living near forest, or more stones, for those living near mountains.


Marital Customs

Nowadays, Tibetan youths have greater freedom of social life before marriage. A common way of falling in love and becoming engaged is through singing local folk songs.

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