Treasures displayed in Treasure Hall of the Potala Palace


Tibetan Costume

Tibetan costumefeatures a loose waist, long sleeves, and a big front. People wear fur coats on festivals and big occasions. The color is determined by religious factors, with white, yellow, and red being the most popular.


Sea of Song and Dance

Tibetans are good at singing and dancing. Nearly every Tibetan can sing and dance. People who can talk can sing, and where there is crowd, there is dance.


Duixie Dance

Duixie later became a cheerful and enthusiastic folk dance popular throughout Tibet, and later, after improvement by actors and dancers, evolved into a kind of urbanized Tibetan tap dance.


Guozhuang Dance

Guozhuang in Tibetan is homophonic with Guozhuo, which means singing and dancing in a circle. It originated from the form by which Tibetans danced around a campfire, all the time.


Guoxie Dance

Guoxie is a group dance popular in the rural areas of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The participants dance hand in hand and sing in rotating circles.

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