January 27, 19642014-05-08

China and France establish diplomatic relations.

June 6, 19642014-05-08

China's first ambassador to France presents his credential to French President Charles de Gaulle.

September 11-17, 19732014-05-08

President Georges Pompidou is the first French president to visit China.

May 12-18, 19752014-05-08

Chinese Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping visits France.

January 19-24, 19782014-05-08

China and France sign their first scientific cooperation agreement in China.

October 15-21, 19802014-05-08

China and France sign an agreement to establish consulates in Shanghai and Marseille.

November 7-12, 19872014-05-08

Chinese President Li Xiannian visits France, the first time for a Chinese president.

September 8-14, 19942014-05-08

President Jiang Zemin pays a visit to France during the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

November 29, 20022014-05-08

China sets up a cultural center in Paris.

April 25-26, 20032014-05-08

French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin visits China.

October 6, 20032014-05-08

It is the first time that the Chinese Culture Year has gone abroad.


Trade volume between China and France hit $13.39 billion.

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