AV@AR 3.0– The art of French new media2014-05-20

The exhibition presents works from strongly semi-immersive approaches.

The Writers' Cruise2014-05-14

A group of French writers will embark on a literary and human adventure on the Yangtze River .

Tea and Wine2014-05-14

A dialogue between France and China set-up by means of 2 symbols that represent the art of living and conviviality.

The 4th Chinese Film Festival in France2014-05-14

The 4th annual Chinese Film Festival in France opened at the Gaumont Cinema on the Champs-Elysees.

Capturing the eternal and fleeting2014-05-11

Glass is the perfect medium to illustrate the flow of time, French artist Antoine Leperlier believes.

Xu Beihong, A Master and his Masters2014-05-06

Sixty Chinese masterpieces are paired with as many French paintings.

Opening performance of 14th Meet in Beijing2014-05-06

A number of French pieces have been selected for the opening concert of this year.

11th French Film Panorama2014-05-06

It will comprise ten full feature films and two programmes of short films.

Ten Masterpieces of French Painting2014-05-06

Collected from top museums, the 10 paintings are all top level masterpieces in different genres.

Paris-Beijing, French Focus on China, 1844-20142014-05-06

The exhibition tells a story from the perspective of innumerable French.

Master of Impressionism - Claude Monet2014-05-06

The first ever exhibition of Monet in mainland China, taking place in Shanghai.

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